are you making causal inferences?

Do you have a research project where you're trying to make causal inferences from observational data? Do you think matching might be a useful technique? Are you wondering how to get reviewers to stop bothering you?! Would you like some free consulting advice and data analysis help?

We're involved in some methodological research in this area and could use some experience exploring different types of data sets. If you are interested, we would be like to help you with your data analyses and inferences (for a limited number of people and a limited time). Our interactions about your data will remain between us; in particular, we promise not to scoop you, criticize you in print, or use your data for any substantive purposes at all. In fact, for most purposes we don't even need to see your dependent variable. We would be interested in reporting in our research a few aggregated statistics that test methods we are developing, but we would only do that with your permission.

If you're interested, can you send us an email?

Many thanks,

Stefano Iacus (
Gary King (


Posted by Gary King at August 25, 2009 11:02 AM