CLARIFY: Software for Interpreting and Presenting Statistical Results

Authors: Michael Tomz, Jason WittenbergGary King

This is a set of easy-to-use Stata macros that implement the techniques described in Gary King, Michael Tomz, and Jason Wittenberg's "Making the Most of Statistical Analyses: Improving Interpretation and Presentation". To install Clarify, type "net from" at the Stata command line. The documentation PDF explains how to do this.

We also provide a zip archive below for users who want to install Clarify on a computer that is not connected to the internet. Winner of the Okidata Best Research Software Award. (All questions, bugs, requests: Clarify Listserv [Un-]Subscribe or Search archives). Also try-ssc install qsim- to install a wrapper, donated by Fred Wolfe, to automate Clarify's simulation of dummy variables.

Recent Releases

Version Package Date
2.1 Download (248.68 KB) Release info Jan 5 2003