Math Prefresher for Political Scientists (Faculty advisor)





Not only do the quantitative and formal modeling courses at Harvard require mathematics and computer programming | it's becoming increasingly difficult to take courses in political economy, American politics, comparative politics, or international relations without encountering game-theoretic models or statistical analyses. One need only flip through the latest issues of the top political science journals to see that mathematics have entered the mainstream of political science. Unfortunately, most undergraduate political science programs have not kept up with this trend, and first-year graduate students often find themselves lacking in basic technical skills. This course is not intended to be an introduction to game theory or quantitative methods. Rather, it introduces basic mathematics and computer skills needed for quantitative and formal modeling courses offered at Harvard.  No tests are administered or grades are given out, but almost all incoming graduate students in Government take the course.  The course is offered every year in the two weeks before classes start.   See the Math Prefresher Web Site.