COUNT: A Program for Estimating Event Count and Duration Regressions

This software is no longer being actively updated. Previous versions and information about the software are archived here.

A stand-alone, easy-to-use program for running event count and duration regression models, developed by and/or discussed in a series of journal articles by me. (Event count models have a dependent variable measured as the number of times something happens, such as the number of uncontested seats per state or the number of wars per year. Duration models explain dependent variables measured as the time until some event, such as the number of months a parliamentary cabinet endures.) Winner of the APSA Research Software Award. (The program includes the program and documentation in ASCII and Latex; you may prefer the postscript version.)

Be sure to install ANSI.SYSbefore using. This software does not work well with some newer versions of Windows, but you can run most of the same procedures within Zelig and all are still available within the commercial Gauss statistical package)

Recent Releases

Version Package Date
1.0:win-self-extracting-exe Download (876.6 KB) Release info Aug 11 2004
1.0:windows-pre-xp Download (685.47 KB) Release info Aug 11 2004