EI: A(n R) Program for Ecological Inference

Authors: Gary King, Margaret Roberts

This program provides a method of inferring individual behavior from aggregate data. It implements the statistical procedures, diagnostics, and graphics from the book A Solution to the Ecological Inference Problem: Reconstructing Individual Behavior from Aggregate Data (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1997), by Gary King.

  • EI for R:
  • To install in Linux, sign on to R, and type: install.packages("ei",repos="http://r.iq.harvard.edu") or download the file below and install yourself. To install on Mac or Windows, sign on to R and type: install.packages("ei", type="source", repos="http://r.iq.harvard.edu").
  • Note: to install locally on Windows, download the file below. Enter the R GUI and change your working directory using setwd() to the directory where the file is located. Then, use the command: install.packages("ei", type="source", repos=NULL).
  • For documentation, from R, type library(ei), and then ?ei, or download  ei.pdf.
  • EI for Gauss: Click here
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1.1 Download (5.14 MB) Release info Feb 6 2012

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1.0 Download (5.15 MB) Release info Feb 1 2012