Gauss procedures

This page contains Gauss statistical, utility, and graphic procedures. Larger packages I've written are available at my statistical software page. You may prefer a zip file containing all the procedures below (last update: 8/20/2005).



  • bin2dec, dec2bin, [un]compress large binary matrices into a small decimal vectors
  • delifAll, selifAll, trimAll, vputAll, delif, selif, trimr, or vput for vectors of variables
  • exist, Does file exist on disk?
  • ICPSR, change ICPSR to alphabetical state codes
  • in, Tests whether one set is contained in another
  • invRV, recode infinities
  • ismissM, MKmissM, element-by-element matrix version of ismiss and miss
  • loadAloadVars load ascii file into matrix or variables
  • makeFac, makeFacN, creates factorial or labeled factorial designs
  • mat2strstr2mat matrix to string and back
  • missR, finds missing values in set of variables
  • prtV, nicely print set of variables
  • rndInx, randomly permute rows of a set of variables
  • scalOne, scalZero, check for scalar one or zero
  • seqaSseqaSE creates vector of evenly spaced points without or with end points
  • strStrip, strip and format a string
  • subdatsubdatV loads submatrix of dataset into matrix or variables
  • token2, more flexible string parser, faster for larger strings
  • Vin, checks if variable is in a data buffer
  • vreadAll, dumps data buffer to memory in stored variable names
  • vrename, rename element in data buffer


  • graphGK, reset GK's graphic globals
  • graphOn, graphic windows commands for unix
  • pLine, pLineS, easily add lines to graph
  • pSym, easily add symbol to graph
  • pText, xy with labeled points
  • ternary, plot ternary diagram
  • triple, triple scatter plot (x, y, size of circle)