D - G

Michael Gill

Harvard University

Ph.D. student in the Department of Government. His interests include the application of statistical methods to comparative politics and political economy, with a primary focus on issues of development. He is currently working on an evaluation of Mexico's Seguro Popular health insurance program.

Justin Grimmer

Stanford University

Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Stanford University. His research areas include political methodology and political behavior. His work focuses on estimating the causal effects of social networks and political/social elites on mass political behavior. He has also implemented ARIMA time series models into Zelig and is currently developing and applying unsupervised learning routines for a variety of applications in political science.

Yichen Guan

Graduate student in Middle Eastern Studies. Her current research mainly focuses on the relationship between the diverse forms of authoritarianism and authoritarian persistence in the Middle East. She is interested in quantitative methodology in political science, and she is currently working as a research assistant for Professor Gary King and Molly Roberts. In her future research, she plans to combine the rigorous theory of comparative authoritarianism in the Middle East with sound empirical testing with programming skills such as R and STATA.