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David Kane

Harvard University

Ph.D. Political Economy and Government from Harvard, was a lecturer in the Department of Government in 2002-2003 and taught GOV 1000. He is interested in the use of R for teaching, matching methods and applications of statistics in accounting and finance.

Aaron Kaufman

He is a William Yandell Elliott Fellow in the Department of Government at Harvard University. His methodological interests are causal inference, field experiments, natural experiments, statistical programming, and natural language processing. His substantive interests are representation, California politics, state and local politics, voting behavior, and ... Read more about Aaron Kaufman

Tami Kim

Harvard University

Undergraduate student at Harvard University, concentrating in Government. She is currently working on partisan taunting project under Gary King. Her research interests include public opinion and development of political beliefs.

Patrick Lam

Harvard University

Ph.D. student in the Department of Government. His research interests are in the application of quantitative methods to areas of comparative politics and international relations including democratization and international political economy. He is currently working on integrating various models into Zelig in R.

Christopher Lucas

Graduate student in the Department of Government. His research focuses on political economy and computational social science. In political economy, he works on migration, trade, and foreign aid with a focus on developing economies in Asia. In computational social science, he is interested in automated content analysis, machine learning, and opinion dynamics.