So You're a Grad Student Now? Maybe You Should Do This


Gary King. Forthcoming. “So You're a Grad Student Now? Maybe You Should Do This.” In Sage Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science, edited by Jr. Robert J. Franzese and Luigi Curini. London: Sage Publications. Copy at
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Congratulations! You’ve made it to graduate school. This means you’re in a select group, about to embark on a great adventure to learn about the world and teach us all some new things. This also means you obviously know how to follow rules. So I have five for you -- not counting the obvious one that to learn new things you’ll need to break some rules. After all, to be a successful academic, you’ll need to cut a new path, and so if you do exactly what your advisors and I did, you won’t get anywhere near as far since we already did it. So here are some rules, but break some of them, perhaps including this one