ReLogit: Rare Events Logistic Regression

Authors: Michael Tomz, Gary KingLangche Zeng

Both versions implement the suggestions described in Gary King and Langche Zeng's "Logistic Regression for Rare Events Data", "Explaining Rare Events in International Relations" and "Estimating Risk and Rate Levels, Ratios, and Differences in Case-Control Studies ". Options for density case-control sampling designs are, at present, only available in the Gauss version.

Updated versions of ReLogit are available as part of the comprehensive statistical package Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software.  Zelig runs within R on all commonly used hardware and operating systems.

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Recent Releases

Version Package Date
1.1:Gauss Download (15.7 KB) Release info May 6 2004
1.1:Stata Download (30.91 KB) Release info Oct 29 1999