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Micah Altman, Leonid Andreev, Mark Diggory, Gary King, Daniel Kiskis, Elizabeth Kolster, Michael Krot, and Sidney Verba. 2001. “Virtual Data Center”.
Gary King. 1998. “MAXLIK”.Abstract

This software is no longer being actively updated. Previous versions and information about the software are archived here.


A set of Gauss programs and datasets (annotated for pedagogical purposes) to implement many of the maximum likelihood-based models I discuss in Unifying Political Methodology: The Likelihood Theory of Statistical Inference, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1998, and use in my class. All datasets are real, not simulated.

JudgeIt I: A Program for Evaluating Electoral Systems and Redistricting Plans
Andrew Gelman and Gary King. 1992. “JudgeIt I: A Program for Evaluating Electoral Systems and Redistricting Plans”.Abstract
A program for analyzing almost any feature of district-level legislative elections data, including prediction, evaluating redistricting plans, estimating counterfactual hypotheses (such as what would happen if a term-limitation amendment were imposed), and others. This implements statistical procedures described in a series of journal articles and has been used during redistricting in many states by judges, partisans, governments, private citizens, and many others. Winner of the APSA Research Software Award.
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