October 2006

The probability of vanishing posts

There was for a while a post on this blog with comments about an article on deaths in the Iraq war. Despite many good points all parties had in this discussion, it was distracting some folks here from our mission to make the world safe for quantitative methodology. If you're interested in reading more about this subject, we recommend Andrew Gelman's blog post on this subject, which includes many of those who posted and commented here. Thanks for the original post and everyone who commented, and sorry for the confusion.

Andrew Gelman

Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association Evening Lecture Series

"Rich state, poor state, red state, blue state: What's the matter with
Connecticut? A demonstration of multilevel modeling"

Andrew Gelman, Columbia University*

IQSS, 1737 Cambridge Street, Room N354

Monday, October 9, 7:30pm

* Andrew will also be on hand at IQSS on the morning of Tuesday, October 10, to answer any stats questions you might have.?