CLARIFY: Software for Interpreting and Presenting Statistical Results

Authors: Michael Tomz, Jason WittenbergGary King

This is a set of easy-to-use Stata macros that implement the techniques described in Gary King, Michael Tomz, and Jason Wittenberg's "Making the Most of Statistical Analyses: Improving Interpretation and Presentation". Winner of the Okidata Best Research Software Award.

  • Reporting Bugs and Issues: Please use our Github Issue form.
  • Questions and feature requests: Discuss the software on our Discussions page.
  • Clarify For Stata: To install Clarify, type
    net from
    The documentation PDF explains how to do this, as well as describing how to use each of the three main functions.

    Also try ssc install qsim to install a wrapper, donated by Fred Wolfe, to automate Clarify's simulation of dummy variables.
  • Manual Installation: The package can be downloaded from Github for manual installation.