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There’s a simple solution to the latest census fight
Cynthia Dwork, Ruth Greenwood, and Gary King. 7/26/2021. “There’s a simple solution to the latest census fight.” Boston Globe, Pp. A9. Publisher's VersionAbstract
We offer a solution to debates over the use of differential privacy in releasing US Census Data.
How to conquer partisan gerrymandering
Gary King and Robert X Browning. 12/26/2017. “How to conquer partisan gerrymandering.” Boston Globe (Op-Ed), 292 , 179 , Pp. A10. Publisher's VersionAbstract
PARTISAN GERRYMANDERING has long been reviled for thwarting the will of the voters. Yet while voters are acting disgusted, the US Supreme Court has only discussed acting — declaring they have the constitutional right to fix the problem, but doing nothing. But as better data and computer algorithms are now making gerrymandering increasingly effective, continuing to sidestep the issue could do permanent damage to American democracy. In Gill v. Whitford, the soon-to-be-decided challenge to Wisconsin’s 2011 state Assembly redistricting plan, the court could finally fix the problem for the whole country. Judging from the oral arguments, the key to the case is whether the court endorses the concept of “partisan symmetry,” a specific standard for treating political parties equally in allocating legislative seats based on voting.
The City's Losing Clout
Gerald Benjamin and Gary King. 7/5/1979. “The City's Losing Clout.” New York Times, CXXVIII , 44,269 , Pp. A17. Publisher's VersionAbstract
New York City is a modern "rotten borough," not because of population decline, but because of its massive and continuing fall-off in voter participation.  New York City's political base is more apparent than real.