Alumni: Students

Matthew Blackwell

Harvard University

Graduate student in the Department of Government at Harvard. He likes statistical methodology and game theory, but cannot seem to find the perfect place to apply them. He co-wrote the Amelia II package and frontend for R.

Michael Gill

Harvard University

Ph.D. student in the Department of Government. His interests include the application of statistical methods to comparative politics and political economy, with a primary focus on issues of development. He is currently working on an evaluation of Mexico's Seguro Popular health insurance program.

Justin Grimmer

Stanford University

Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Stanford University. His research areas include political methodology and political behavior. His work focuses on estimating the causal effects of social networks and political/social elites on mass political behavior. He has also implemented ARIMA time series models into Zelig and is currently developing and applying unsupervised learning routines for a variety of applications in political science.

Dan Hopkins

Georgetown University

Assistant Professor in the Government Department at Georgetown University. His research interests include urban and local politics, political behavior, and political methodology. He has assisted in the development of the "Anchors" package for the analysis of survey data with anchoring vignettes and has worked on automated methods of content analysis. In addition, his work on contextual effects in political science has built on recent methodological innovations relating to selection bias, hierarchical modeling, and matching.

David Kane

Harvard University

Ph.D. Political Economy and Government from Harvard, was a lecturer in the Department of Government in 2002-2003 and taught GOV 1000. He is interested in the use of R for teaching, matching methods and applications of statistics in accounting and finance.

Tami Kim

Harvard University

Undergraduate student at Harvard University, concentrating in Government. She is currently working on partisan taunting project under Gary King. Her research interests include public opinion and development of political beliefs.

Ryan Moore

Washington University in St. Louis

Assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis.

Eleanor Powell

Yale University

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University and resident fellow of the Institution for Social Policy Studies. Her research interests are in primarily in American politics, with special emphasis on congressional politics, political parties, and the role of money in politics.