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If you have written your own vignette questions, please email us the questions. If someone else uses the same ones, you will both have more surveys you can compare across.

WHO's World Health Survey

(by Lydia Bendib, Somnath Chatterji, Alena Petrakova, Ritu Sadana, Joshua A. Salomon, Margie Schneider, Bedirhan Ustun, Maria Villanueva)

Politics and Government
(by Kenneth Benoit, Karen Ferree, Debra Javeline, Gary King)

Responsiveness of Health System Adminstration
(by Somnath Chatterji, Kei Kawabata, Rene Lawalle, Mark van Ommeren, Richard Poe, Amala da Silva, Nicole Valentine, Maria Villanueva)

Project Compare
( by Arthur van Soest et al.)
Wisconsin Longitudinal Survey
(by Jeremy Freese and Robert M. Hauser)
WLS MEMO 145 - Revised Plan For Implementing WHS Health Vignettes

Cross-Country Differences in Job Satisfaction
(by Nicolai Kristensen and Edvard Johansson)

School Community Strength
(by Jack Buckley) Work Limitations
(by Arie Kapteyn) State Effectiveness And Corruption
(by Anna Grzymala-Bussewith the assistance of IREX and NCEEER funding) HIV Risk and Women's Autonomy
(by Shelley Clark)
Women Men

Harvard Center for Population & Development Studies
(by Allan G. Hill)

World Bank, Development Research Group
(by Kathleen Beegle, Kristen Himelein, and Martin Ravallion; see Frame of Reference Bias in Subjective Welfare Regressions)